May 162014
Government media consumption

graphic courtesy of Market Connections

For years clients of mine have leveraged reports from the research firm Market Connections. For the past six years the firm has hosted an event to announce their latest federal media and marketing study. My former agency Strategic Communications was a sponsor of the 2011 event, during which research was released highlighting increased social media use by federal employees.

Market Connections also made some local waves earlier this year with a study that showed low morale among federal employees.

On June 5 the firm is hosting a panel discussion at the Gannett Center in McLean, Virginia to share their latest research. Market Connections will be releasing a study based on over 3,700 responses from federal decision-makers. The study details their media consumption habits, both personally and from a marketing perspective for their organizations.

For more information, see below for an interview with Lisa Dezzutti, President and CEO of Market Connections. And if you attend the event, please look me up. I’ll be there wearing my brand journalism hat, covering the event for a few of my B2G clients. (Link here if audio player does not appear below.)

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