Jan 032014
image courtesy of blog.hubspot.com

image courtesy of blog.hubspot.com

Last month Joe Pilizzi at Content Marketing Institute put out a list of 50 content marketing predictions for 2014 from industry professionals. It’s an excellent list that reflects many of the points stressed over the past few years here at chrisparente.com.

Of course if you’re a content marketer, you may not have time to read through 50 predictions. Joe chooses four to highlight in his post, with this one my favorite:

In 2014, more brands will partner with publishers beyond the ad buy. I am not talking about ‘native ads’ that consumers ignore, but true content partnerships where brands and publishers will co-create sponsored content for both the publisher and brand websites and the social web (paid, owned, and earned).Michael Brenner | @BrennerMichael; VP, Marketing and Content Strategy, SAP

Here’s my very subjective list of the cream of the crop. I give preference to B2B over B2C insights, influencers I already know/respect and I give extra credit for being succinct. Check out the following predictions in the presentation below:

  • Mitch Joel (slide 6)
  • Jill Rowley (slide 9)
  • Joe Chernov (slide 16)
  • Paul Roetzer (slide 20)
  • Alana Fisher-Chejoski (slide 28)
  • Maggie Patterson (slide 37)
  • Gordon Graham (slide 39)
  • Carol Tice (slide 41)
  • Cliff Pollan (slide 50)

I hope some of these insights make 2014 a big year for content marketing at your organization.


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