Oct 252013

graphic courtesy of openmarketing.com

Earlier this month my partner Marc Hausman spoke at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, organized by Pulse Networks. As part of his address, the conference produced a video with Marc on five tips for aligning your content marketing efforts to support sales.

Marc does a great job in the video distilling principles I’ve talked about for a few years on this site. Among them are the culture shift involved in thinking like a publisher, the changing nature of B2B sales and the need for using analytics for smarter marketing.

Marc is also so right when he says that a disconnect between the marketing team and the sales team can kill an otherwise solid content marketing campaign. Here’s a story on how IBM demonstrated a clear performance boost by getting their sales teams engaged in promoting content via social media channels.

The world has changed for B2B and B2G marketing. Content marketing is the way to succeed in an age dominated by ubiquitous Internet and pervasive social media platforms. These five steps can help organizations start down the right path.


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