Mar 132013
Dent on my BMW M3

May horrible karma find the person that did this

Everyone who even cares a little bit about their car knows the awful feeling. You come back to you parked car, and some $#*&^#$* has left you with a ding.

It happened to my M3 a couple of weeks back. I drove to the gym, and when I walked back out someone had left a big crease on the right rear quarter panel. Not an ordinary door ding, it was from a decent impact and at least three inches across. Based on some paint streaks left at the scene of the crime, the offender’s car was blue. No note, of course.

It was hard to take a clear picture of it as you can see above, but it was pretty bad. I used to know a paintless dent repair (PDR) guy who worked off of Tyco Road in Tysons, but he wasn’t there anymore. So I did what I had done to get my M5’s wheel refinished — I got a referral from a dealer.

Dealers outsource a lot of services. So I asked Passport Infiniti of Alexandria who they used for PDR, since Gabriele just leased a FX37 from them. They gave me a name and number to call.

Joe from Dent King sounded like a solid guy over the phone. He gave me a decent estimate and was able to come to my house and do the job.

The result is below — the dent is gone. For a little extra he even took care of a small ding on the driver door I always had meant to have done but never did. This weekend I’ll use some polish to try and remove some small scratches that remain, and it will be like it never happened.

Dent repaired

All gone

So when this happens to you, remember PDR. As long as the paint isn’t broken, it can be repaired fairly easily without a trip to the body shop.




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