Dec 052012
BMW F30 3-Series

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Car and Driver just published its 2013 1o Best Cars list, and the new BMW 3-Series made the cut. The BMW 3-Series has done so an incredible 22 straight years.

The editors sound like they really loved the previous E90 3-Series, because they snuck some qualifying statements into their descriptions of the F30. They weren’t as “ga-ga” over it, it “didn’t win as easily this year,” and it “lost a bit of ground to it’s predecessor.” Despite all that, it was also found to be “still the best overall package.”

Here’s a link to the specific 3-Series story, and here’s the link to video below:

BMW 3-Series 10 Best

Here’s the full video describing the entire field and the Car and Driver review process — long but good viewing:

The reviewers at Car and Driver may have a more confusing time reviewing the model next year. Latest rumor is that the 4-Series nomenclature will be unveiled next month at the Detroit Auto Show. The 4-Series is how the coupe and convertible versions of the F30 3-Series will be marketed.

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