Apr 082012

Image courtesy of Edmund's Inside Line

Edmund’s Inside Line recently wrote a story on the upcoming BMW M3, based on the new F30 3 Series platform. Nothing is official and no sources are named, but the story contains some interesting nuggets.

What’s certain is that this will be the first M3 in history with a turbocharged engine. There’s no way to simultaneously fend off rivals brands in the horsepower arms race while also achieving the fuel economy demanded by modern emission/mileage requirements. What is somewhat surprising is according to a “BMW insider” it will be a M3 specific twin-turbo V-6, rather than the traditional BMW inline-6.

Power output is projected at 429HP/405 torque, and the new M3 is projected to be larger yet lighter than the current E90 model. A six-speed manual survives, along with an updated seven speed dual clutch transmission option.

In addition to the turbo-charged engine, other BMW traditions are changing as well. For the first time the sedan M3 will be introduced before the coupe, like the rest of the F30 family. However it won’t be designated F30 — there will now be a unique model code just for the M3, F80 for the sedan and F82 for the coupe. But it will still be called the M3, despite rumors about christening the upcoming F30 coupes and convertibles the 4 series.

At least according to this article. There’s a lot of time for more scuttlebutt to emerge on the latest version of BMW’s iconic M3.

  2 Responses to “Early Reports on the New BMW M3”

  1. Certainly interesting……..
    Well in my opinion BMW is also looking at economies of scale when designing new engines – hence they would either use the 4Lt V8 of the current E92 or the 4.4Lt V8 of the E92 GTR and drop two cylinders for a new spec V6 utilizing already developed engine parts. Take your pick on the two engines and do the maths to determine 75 % of the capacity of either as the capacity of the new V6 engine. then do a similar engine setup as with the M5 with twin turbos in the V, and you have a pretty potent result.
    Should definitely be good – Light, Efficient and Powerful.

    • Hannes – thanks for your comment. Yes what you suggest seems to make sense, yet that’s exactly what the article claims BMW is not doing. It talks about a V-6 twin turbo designed specifically to the M3. Time will tell.

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