Feb 152012

I came across a very funny video today in the Social Media in Organizations LinkedIn group. It lampoons the jargon and the attitude of the social media “guru.” It comes across as an exaggeration, but is it?

Besides the obsession with being online and not in the moment, what really struck me was the comment about “it’s not about the ROI.” Really? Maybe that part isn’t satire — according to Fast Company, there really are consumer campaigns that don’t try to quantify ROI. Yeah, I totally blogged about that last year. <smile>

My clients would never accept that it’s not about the ROI.  If it wasn’t, why would they ever fund the campaign? Maybe that can fly in consumer campaigns, but not in b2b or b2g work.

As the LinkedIn member who posted this discussion pointed out however, it’s always good to hold a mirror to yourself occasionally. I’ve worked for clients in two of the verticals most susceptible to jargon — telecom and government. I’ll take this video as a humorous reminder to guard against the same thing ever happening to me.

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