Jan 182011

This Saturday I got some simple upkeep done on my 2001 BMW 530. The oil filter needed changing, and I needed to fix the corner of the passenger side headlight assembly, which somehow got pushed slightly out of position.

The oil filter change is very straight-forward, but of course you need the right tools. In this case, that means a custom 36 mm socket with a 17 mm hex head to remove the screw in oil filter canister. (A more traditional 36mm socket will also work.)

Recently Martin Motorsports replaced the Crankcase Case Ventilator (CCV) on my car and changed the oil, but not the filter. Now the car is set on that front for a while.

Ready to remove

Out and ready for new filter

The headlight assembly was a more frustrating mystery. I have no idea how it could have happened. Noticing small imperfections over time comes with the territory when you own older cars. But this wasn’t there prior to the holidays and really bugged me.

The only thing I can think of is that someone nudged the car slightly, but there is no visible impact area. However it happened, once I noticed it of course it really bothered me and I had to fix. Plus, the rubber gasket strip was out of place and I didn’t want rain or snow getting into the headlight area.

Fortunately there are only four 8mm screws that hold the headlight assemblies in place. I needed to buy a six inch extension for the back rear screw, but once I had that it was easy to loosen the assembly and nudge back into place.

Minor stuff, but it’s still a good feeling to fix myself.


What the??




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  1. Is that a ” thumbs up ” sign I see in the reflection on the last picture?

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