Dec 242010

I have so much to be thankful for this year, including items in the three categories of this blog. So on Christmas Eve, here are some Work, Wine and Wheels highlights from 2010.

In the work realm, 2010 was a great year. A lot of what Strategic Communications Group accomplishes for clients doesn’t become public information, so it was a big thrill when client TANDBERG (now part of Cisco) won the Best Corporate Blog award from the Northern Virginia Technology Council. It was very satisfying to have our work designing, launching and maintaining the Break Down the Walls social community publicly acknowledged. More and more clients are seeking Strategic’s counsel on how to use social media to achieve their business objectives, which bodes very well for 2011.

Me and award recipient Meredith Lawrence


In the world of wheels, thankfully there were no big mechanical issues with either my 1999 M3 or 2001 530i. At the start of the year the M3 got a new rear spoiler, which was expensive but that’s OK. I wanted to go with a genuine BMW part, and pay for someone who really knew BMWs to do the painting and install. I’ve also swapped the stereo head unit for the more powerful CD43 unit, and changed the transmission and differential fluids.

The 530 got new rear brake pads, and I was able to easily fix a problem with the air conditioning by replacing a fan switch. I also tackled an issue with the car burning some oil. Martin Motorsports installed a new Crank Case Ventilation (CCV) kit, which was totally shot and was the original, non-insulated part that often gets clogged due to cold temperatures. She’s a great car — there aren’t that many E39 530s with the sports package and a manual transmission out there. She came through last year’s snow like a champ on snow tires, so I’ve got no doubts about this winter.

530 still has old bumper in this pic


Gabriele and I enjoyed some really good wine this year, so picking favorites is tough. We both enjoy Pinot Noir and it can be a tough grape. So the meal in St. Augustine, Florida that introduced us to 2007 Foley Santa Hills Pinot Noir warrants a mention. One of the best Rhones we had this year was the 2006 and 2007 Paul Autard Chateauneuf du Pape, which we enjoyed during a nice meal at Ray’s the Steaks. Turnbull was also a strong 2010 find, we enjoyed both their Cabernet and Old Bull blend very much.

Field Research


Many of us are so busy we don’t stop and appreciate all that we have. Here’s wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season with family and friends.

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  1. Congrats on a wonderful year, Chris.

    On the work side, let’s not forget your good friends at NeuStar who you helped launch a number of innovative social campaigns this year.

    • Yes indeed Marc. I didnt include only b/c client confidentiality precluded me sharing detailed achievement metrics. FYI – replying via iPhone WP app, very handy!

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