Aug 092010

In my role at Strategic Communications Group I counsel many clients on social media strategy. Often that includes publishing a blog, and I’m constantly reminding clients to invite third party experts to participate on their blogs. It’s great for added expertise, added credibility and it supplies high quality content for building an audience.

Well, I need to start practicing more of what I preach on Work, Wine and Wheels. I’m happy with my traffic growth. But I need to interview some of the very sharp people I interact with in the worlds of technology, wine and BMWs. In that vein, I’m happy to present a conversation with James Kobielus of Forrester Research.

Jim is senior analyst at Forrester for Advanced Analytics and Data Warehousing. He was very generous with his time and touched on the role of an analyst today, how a good one “translates” between vendors and users of technology solutions. Jim also talks at length about how social media has transformed his typical day, and enables him to stay on top of technology developments and client needs. The interview is around 13 minutes — a bit long, but this space is white hot and Jim shares some really good stuff.

See below for our conversation. And if you’ve got any followup questions for Jim, drop me a comment.

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