Dec 222009

The blizzard of 2009 took me a little by surprise, as it did many DC area residents. Yes, the media was reporting on the possible snow totals for a couple of days but the media here always hypes snow. Between work and Christmas shopping, I had put off putting the snow tires on the 530. After all, I installed them early last year and it barely snowed at all. Bummer for me — I couldn’t move the 530 at all with summer tires, I would have been stuck within my neighborhood.

Blizzard 09

This was AFTER I cleared off the car on Saturday

I’ve got two choices. I can wait until the roads get cleared by the rain in the forecast and drive the car to Hollin Hall Automotive to put the tires on. Or I can bite the bullet and put them on myself — maybe that’s just punishment from the car gods.

Good thing we own an Infiniti FX35 that has gotten us through. Even with somewhat worn all seasons, the AWD carried the day. Next year she’s getting a new set of Yokohama Avid V4S performance all seasons.

Hope you’re safely navigating the roads and the shopping, and wishing you a very Merry New Year!

  2 Responses to “Too Slow on the Snow Shoes for Blizzard ’09”

  1. No snow tires -that seems worse than my not getting snow pants for my 8 year old. tee hee. She’s somehow managing the hills on her saucer in ones that are 2 years old. Bad mother of the year award :-)

    Have a great holiday and new year too!!!

  2. Good heavens, Chris.

    It’s hard to believe that is the “silver lady.” Buy a tarp…buy a tarp!

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